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It’s no secret that Pizza Hut is a popular restaurant chain both domestically and internationally. In order to continue providing great service to their guests, Pizza Hut Canada recently launched a Guest Experience Survey. If you’ve ever dined at one of their locations, please take a few minutes to complete the survey!

Basic Knowledge of Pizza Hut Canada

Pizza Hut Canada is a Canadian pizza restaurant chain that serves pizza and pasta. The company was founded in 1958, and since 1988 has been franchising the Pizza Hut brand to independent businesses.Pizza Hut Canada’s franchises are operated by Delight Restaurants Inc., which holds the franchise rights for Pizza Huts in Canada.The company’s headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario, with a corporate office in Oakville and regional offices across Canada.

What type of pizza did you order?

The most popular pizza ordered at Pizza Hut Canada was the Supreme pizza. Other popular pizzas include the BBQ Chicken and the Veggie Deluxe.

Was your order what you expected?

Yes, my order was exactly what I expected.

How was the delivery process?

The delivery process was great. The driver was very professional and helpful.

Was the pizza satisfactory?

The majority of Canadians (79%) say that their pizza was satisfactory, which is a consistent result from the past few years. However, there are some notable differences across provinces. In Ontario, for example, 84% of respondents say that their pizza was satisfactory, compared to only 66% in Manitoba.

There are a few reasons for this difference. The colder climate in Manitoba might lead to higher expectations for quality pizza, while in Ontario it is more common to find pizzas with more toppings and thicker crusts. Additionally, Pizza Hut Canada has locations in more densely populated areas across Ontario than in Manitoba. This means that there are more opportunities for customers to try the pizza before they decide whether or not they’re satisfied.

Overall, the level of satisfaction with Pizza Hut Canada’s pizza remains relatively consistent across different areas of the country. This suggests that regardless of where you are in Canada, you’re likely to be happy with the food on offer from Pizza Hut.

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Requirements of Take Pizza Hut Canada Survey

  • Only eligible participants are those who are 18 years of age.
  • Read below to see what languages you need in order to take Pizza Hut Canada surveys.
  • The person who takes the poll must have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • To use this Pizza Hut Survey, you’ll need to have your copy with you; they won’t be able to process your request without it.

How To take Pizza Hut Canada Guest Experience Survey at

Pizza Hut Canada Guest Experience Survey
  • Now enter the store number along with the date of purchase and the time of buy for the service from Pizza Hut.
  • After that survey user can start to continue button with the survey questions and answer them one by one honestly, according to recent experience.
  • Answer all the questions given at the Pizza Hut Canada survey and then submit the survey.
  • Rate the experience per your overall satisfaction.

Would you order from Pizza Hut again?

I would definitely order from Pizza Hut again! The food was delicious and the delivery time was very fast. I would definitely recommend them to others!

Customer Service Pizza Hut

  • Toll-Free Number: (800) 948-8488
  • Customer Services Number- (972) 338-7700

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Pizza Hut Canada would like to thank everyone who participated in the Guest Experience Survey. The feedback we received will be invaluable as we work to make your visit to our restaurants even better. The survey was open from October 10th to November 14th, and we received a total of 1,848 responses. Thank you again for your participation!

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