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Five Guys, a fast-food restaurant, has adopted AI to improve customer service. The restaurant uses chatbots (computer software that facilitates conversations that are similar to human conversations) to inform customers about their order as well being able to respond to frequently requested questions. Chatbots are created to make customer experience faster and more efficient.

According to Five Guys, their chatbots have reduced wait times by 50. Chatbots also aid customers to locate the information they require fast and efficiently. In the final analysis, customer service can be said to be more efficient than ever before because of chatbots.

A brief description of Five Guys Customer Experience Survey

The Five Guys Customer Experience Survey was released in February of 2019 and asked 1000 customers about their experiences with the chain. The survey results revealed that 43% of Five Guys customers prefer the restaurant’s location rather than its hamburgers. In addition, 43% of customers were pleased by the high quality and quality of the food they served, which they rated as excellent or superior and over the industry norm. In spite of the high ratings however, some areas for improvements in quality of the service (27 percent of respondents rated it excellent or outstanding) and hygiene (24 percent of the respondents were rated as excellent or good).

Present Survey The list:

How can you take part in the Survey

Five Guys Customer Experience Survey

If you’re familiar with Five Guys You’re aware that their burgers are one of the top across the world. It’s no surprise that they’re among the most popular brands in terms of customer satisfaction surveys.

The best part is that Five Guys is always looking for ways to improve their customer experience, which is why they offer numerous opportunities for customers to provide feedback. Here’s how you can participate with survey results from Five Guys surveys:

Five Guys Customer Experience Survey
  • Choose the time you visited. then click the “Next” button.
  • Begin to provide rates based on your experience. And then click “Next” button.
  • Select”Next. “Next” click.
  • Select your visited time option. and click “Next” button.
Five Guys Customer Experience Survey
  • Start to give rate as per your visit experience. and click “Next” button.
Five Guys Customer Experience Survey
  • Click on the “Next” button.

Customer Experience Survey

Five Guys Customer Experience Survey

In the lead-up to celebrating the Five Guys burger chain’s 35th anniversary, the chain conducted an online survey of customer satisfaction to collect feedback from customers on their experiences with the business. From the 1,500 participants 86% stated that the experience they had at Five Guys was good or excellent. The research found that the majority customers were pleased with the food (87 percent) and service (85 percent) as well as the price (83 percent). However, some respondents reported some concerns about the area (61 percent) and cleanliness (51 percent) and the quality of food (46 percent).

We are satisfied with the menu and options.

If Five Guys customers visit the restaurant it is likely to be happy with the menu and the options. 95 percent of Five Guys customers say they are “satisfied” or “very content” with the wide selection of menu items while 97% of them are satisfied with the variety of choices that are available. Furthermore 97 percent of Five Guys customers say they are happy with the ease with which food preparation is done, and 95% say they are pleased by the taste of the ingredients.

Five Guys’ Overall Experience

Five Guys’ Five Guys customer satisfaction survey revealed that the majority of customers are happy with their dining experience at the restaurant. The survey sought feedback from the customers about various aspects, such as how often they visit the restaurant, what elements they enjoy the most and whether they have suggestions for improving the overall experience.

Although there are complaints about the long wait times and low quality food, the vast majority customers are satisfied with their experience at Five Guys. Nearly three quarters of the customers polled said that they frequent Five Guys at minimum twice every week. A majority of respondents said that the most popular part of their meals is fries. When it comes to suggestions for improvement, customers tend to suggest adding more vegan options or improving the quality of hamburgers.

and Address. Five Guys Customer Care Email Address and Contact Number

Contact Hotline for Customer Feedback (8AM-12AM CST)

866-345-GUYS (4897)

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We appreciate the chance to spend the time to take our survey regarding customer satisfaction! Our goal is to continue providing amazing customer experiences to our clients and your feedback can assist us in achieving this. We appreciate your feedback and will make use of it to improve our service around the globe. We appreciate your feedback!

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