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Bojangles’ is a restaurant chain that has been around for over fifty years. Over the years, they’ve developed an excellent reputation for treating their guests well. Recently, they took things one step further and conducted a Guest Satisfaction Survey.

The survey asked guests about everything from the quality of their food to the cleanliness of their restaurants. The results were impressive, and Bojangles’ was able to learn a lot about how their customers feel about their experience. This information will help them improve their service and make their guests happier!

What is the Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey is a tool used by the restaurant chain to measure customer satisfaction. The survey is typically completed by customers after their visit, and it asks questions about the quality of service they received, as well as their overall enjoyment of the experience. This information is then used to make changes to the restaurant’s policies and procedures in order to improve customer satisfaction levels.

How to Take the Bojangles Guest Satisfaction Survey

If your business has a website and welcomes guests, it is important to take the Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey. This survey measures how satisfied guests are with their experience at your business. The survey is easy to take and only takes about five minutes to complete. Plus, you can get valuable feedback that will help you improve your guest experience.

To take the Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey, follow these steps:

1. First, visit the official Bojangles website at

2. Then, Select the appropriate English or Spanish language.

3. After that, Fill in the survey details such as:-

  1. Bojangles Number
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Check Number
Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey

4. Click on the “Start” button. Complete the questionnaire by answering all questions honestly.

5. Once you have completed the survey, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to submit it online.

What to Expect After You Submit Your Survey

Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey

When you take the Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey, it will help us better understand our guests’ experiences at our restaurants. This information will help us make improvements so that everyone who visits Bojangles’ can have a great dining experience.

Here are some things to expect after you submit your survey:

-You will receive an email with a link to the survey.
-The survey is short, and takes less than five minutes to complete.
-Your results will be anonymous.
-The results of the survey will be shared with management and the culinary team.

Results of the Guest Satisfaction Survey

A recent study of customer satisfaction scores for Bojangles’ restaurants found that the majority of guests were happy with their experiences. Of the 1,751 customers surveyed, 81% reported being satisfied with their overall dining experience at a Bojangles’ restaurant. Additionally, 86% of respondents said they would return to a Bojangles’ restaurant in the future, compared to just 12% who said they would not return.

The study also revealed some key areas where guests felt Bojangles’ restaurants excelled. The top three areas where guests thought Bojangles’ restaurants delivered exceptional service were in regards to speed of service (70%), friendliness of staff (68%), and attentiveness of staff (67%). In addition, 88% of respondents said they thought the food was excellent or good at a Bojangles’ restaurant, compared to just 4% who said it was poor.

Overall, these findings suggest that Bojangles’ restaurants are delivering on key elements of guest satisfaction and that guests are likely to return in the future.

Rewards for Participating in the Bojangles’ Survey

Bojangles’ Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you’re a fan of Bojangles’ Famous Chicken and Biscuits, you’ll want to take the time to participate in their survey. Not only will you be rewarded for your participation, but you’ll also help Bojangles improve their products.

The survey is open until September 9th and asks about your preferences when it comes to chicken and biscuit flavors, quantity, ingredients, etc. Not only that, but you can also enter to win a trip for two to Boston! So make sure you take the time to fill out the survey and see what kind of rewards you can snag.

About Bojangles

Bojangles is a fast food restaurant, offering a variety of flavorful, hand-crafted fried chicken served with unlimited biscuits and fixin’s.Bojangles began with a single drive-thru speaker in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 17th, 1972. Bojangles has grown his business to become a regional fast food chain in the Southeast USA with more than 300 restaurants.As the brand grew and new franchises opened, we also celebrated milestones like 30 years of service at each location and 10 years as a corporation in 2008.We know our customers are looking for more than just great food – they’re looking for service that stands out from the rest. Jobs that make them want to get up and go back to work every day because they enjoy it so much.Our team members are committed to making sure everyone who walks through our doors leaves smiling.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our guest satisfaction survey. Your feedback is important to us and will help us continue serving you the best possible food and service. We appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts, and we hope that your experience at Bojangles’ was enjoyable. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your dining experience. Thank you once again for participating in this survey!

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