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In Canada, Food Basics is a discount grocery chain that offers food staples, pantry supplies, and ethnic varieties. We are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative ways to improve the food experience at our restaurants. But what do our customers think? That’s the question we posed in our Food Basics Feedback Survey. Read on to find out what our diners had to say! in this survey If you complete the survey at Foodbasicsfeedback Site, you have a chance to win free metro gift cards worth up to $1,000.

Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of this survey is to get feedback on the food basics blog section. The blog section provides recipes, tips and advice on food and cooking. We want to know whether you find the content helpful and if there are any changes or updates you would like to see in the future. Your feedback is important to us and will help us improve the content on the website. Thank you for taking part in this survey.

Food Basics feedback survey sweepstakes Short Details

Name of the SurveyFood Basics feedback survey
Survey PrizeSweepstakes Entry
Sweepstakes Prize$1,000 CDN in Metro gift cards
Purchase RequiredNo
Survey Entry Online, Phone, In-Store

Requirements of Food Basics Survey

Basic Knowledge of English or Spanish Language.

Smart Device Mobile / Phone, computer / laptop with internet access.

This survey eligible are 18+ year’s

How To Take the Food Basics Feedback Survey

  • First, visit the official survey website
  • Then, Select the language.
  • Fill your Food Basics survey code from the invoice.
Food Basics Feedback Survey
  • Click on the “Start Survey” button.

What is Included in the Food Basics Package?

Food Basics Feedback Survey

The Food Basics package includes a variety of food items, including bread, milk, eggs, cheese, and fruit. Some of the other items that are included in the package are cereal, soup, and pasta.

Feedback on the Food Basics Package

The Food Basics Package has been a great success, with almost everyone agreeing that it makes grocery shopping easier. However, there are a few areas where feedback is needed to improve the package even more.

One of the most common complaints is that the menu cards are too small, making it difficult to see what foods are available. Another issue is that the package is too expensive, especially when compared to other grocery shopping options.

We need your help to make these changes! Please take the Food Basics Feedback Survey to let us know what you think about the food basics package. Your input will help us improve it even more for everyone.

Feedback on the Variety and Sustainability of Food Basics

The Food Basics blog section sought feedback on the variety and sustainability of food basics in Canada. The survey asked respondents about their grocery shopping habits, what items they would like to see more of, and where they think the food system could improve. Overall, the majority of respondents (78%) were happy with the variety of food basics available in Canada, with the exception of fruit and vegetables, which respondents said they were not always able to find in sufficient quantities. When it came to sustainability, respondents said that they were most concerned about foods that are processed or packaged in a way that is harmful to the environment. They also voiced concerns about food deserts – areas in which people do not have easy access to nutritious food – and believed that government policies should be aimed at ensuring that all citizens have access to quality food.

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Food Basics Feedback Survey

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