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Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant chain with over 2000 locations throughout the United States. To better be aware of how their customers are feeling about their experience the company conducted the guest Satisfaction Survey. The survey included topics such as the quality of food, service and the atmosphere. What did they find out?

Buffalo Wild Wings used AI-powered software to analyse the data of the responses to the survey to produce an analysis of the things their customers wanted and expected from their restaurant experience. This could assist them in making adjustments to their procedures and policies to increase guest satisfaction.

What did Buffalo Wild Wings Scored on Customer Satisfaction

Buffalo Wild Wings scored high in customer satisfaction according to the most recent survey conducted by Guest Satisfaction Index (GSI). The GSI evaluates satisfaction of customers with various hospitality and travel experiences. The 2017, GSI World Travel Survey, Buffalo Wild Wings topped the list of the most satisfied airline.

The GSI interviewed more than 26,000 people in 153 different locations across 11 countries. They asked them whether they were satisfied using five-point scales between one being completely satisfied, while 5 being highly happy. The results revealed the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings received an amazing average satisfaction score 4.89 out of 5. 4.89 out of five.

The reasons behind their excellent customer satisfaction are their knowledgeable servers, quick check-ins, comfortable seating and great dining options. The guests also love how helpful the staff are and their ability to locate details about the restaurant and the amenities.

If you’re in search of a relaxing evening out with your family or friends, make sure to visit Buffalo Wild Wings!

How To Take the Buffalo Wild Wings Guest Satisfaction Survey?

  • After that, Enter the 16 digit survey code located on your Sales Receipt.
  • Press the “NEXT” button.
  • Indicate your visit type & date of your visit then click on NEXT.

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