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Are you a regular and devoted patron of Maurices? Then you have a fantastic chance, as Maurice’s offers its regular and devoted customers the chance to win a discount coupon code if they participate in the tellmaurices survey.

Despite having a lot of experience in the garment business, Maurice’s is still seeking client feedback to determine whether they are operating properly. They began a Maurice Survey—also known as a tell Maurices survey—in this manner.

One way the business improves the client experience is through receiving honest criticism from Maurices. The procedures, guidelines, and requirements required to launch the Tell Maurices survey are listed below. The short survey just takes a few minutes, and in exchange for your time, you are given a coupon.

Guidelines & Criteria for the TellMaurices Survey

Please read the guidelines and specifications listed below before completing the Maurice Survey and claiming your award.

  • Legal residents of the 50 United States, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, and the Republic of Korea are eligible to participate in the poll.
  • Representatives of Maurice, members of their immediate families, and experts are not included in the survey’s official results.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate.
  • Using a laptop, computer, or mobile phone to access the internet.
  • You’ll need your receipt to do the online Tell Maurices survey.
  • Each participant may only complete the survey once.
  • Your award cannot be transferred or exchanged.
  • To obtain a discount offer, a working email address must be provided.

How Do I Take The Official TellMurices Survey?

You are eligible to participate in our Tell Maurices survey if you meet all the requirements listed above:

  • Visit www.tellmaurices.com. to access the official TellMurices Survey website.
  • After deciding on the language, select the receipt.
Tellmaurices Survey
  • The three-digit survey number on your sales receipt, the store, the transaction and register numbers, the date, and the time must all be entered.
Tellmaurices Survey
  • Click on the “NEXT” button.
  • You can see inquiries pertaining to your most recent trip to Maurice’s on this page.
  • Please indicate your degree of overall satisfaction based on your comprehension of your current visit.
  • Please provide honest responses to each survey question on a scale from satisfied to dissatisfied.
  • Your visit and order, the staff’s friendly demeanour, client administration, air and services, Maurices Delivery, price, location, etc. are typically questioned.
  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address are now required, along with other sensitive data.
  • If you complete the survey, you will receive a voucher for a future visit to Maurice’s.

About The Maurices Company

Maurices, one of the biggest American chains of women’s apparel retailers, has its headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. The business specialises on selling women’s footwear, apparel, and accessories in all sizes. It was founded in 1931 and provides a wide range of goods. They are appropriate for all kinds of situations and periods.

Contact Information

You can contact Maurice’s through their website or through their live chat.

Maurices Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Number

  • (866) 977-1542

Vip Credit Card

  • (800) 695-1788TDD/TTY
  • (866) 880-4385
  • (866) 977-1542

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