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Price Chopper is a well-known supermarket chain that has customers across the United States. They recently launched a survey to collect feedback from customers to ensure they continue to provide high-quality customer service.

What do you think about Price Chopper’s customer satisfaction survey? Are there any suggestions or comments you would like to make the survey even more successful? Leave us a comment below!

Price Chopper Short Information

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our customer satisfaction survey. We value your feedback and take it seriously as we strive to make our customers feel valued and welcomed. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will allow us to improve our services.

Name Of the Customer Satisfaction SurveyPrice Chopper
Official Survey Website
Price Chopper Survey Prize Only $ 5.00
Receipt Validity Only 7Days
Survey Validity One month
Survey Limit One/Per., Per Receipt
Survey EntryOnline
Official Survey Guide Click Here

Requirements Of Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • A Smart Device {Computer/PC, Laptop and Phone Mobile) With internet access.
  • Basic Knowledge of English and Spanish Language.
  • Recent receipt from Price Chopper handy.
  • Age 18 or older.

How To Take the Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey

Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey

How to take the Price Chopper customer satisfaction survey? The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Price Chopper website at
  • Then, choice your prefer language {Spanish and English}.
  • Now, enter the 16 or 19digit survey code located your survey receipt.
Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Click on the “Start” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Wait for a confirmation email from Price Chopper, and then open it.
  • Answer all of the questions in the confirmation email, and then click on the “Print survey” button.
  • Take the survey with a friend or family member, and then compare results.

Enjoy Satisfaction on Price Chopper Ecommerce Sites

Price Chopper’s ecommerce sites offer a wide range of products and prices. But what are customers saying about the site’s ease-of-use, selection and prices?

According to the Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey 86% of respondents were satisfied with the ease-of-use for shopping on the Price Chopper ecommerce websites. 84% of respondents say the selection is excellent and 83% report that the prices are affordable. 78% of customers report that placing orders on Price Chopper’s online e-commerce site has been easy.

These results are positive for Price Chopper’s online e-commerce websites. The site offers a large selection of products at affordable prices and users report no difficulties using it. Price Chopper has done a great job with customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction with Customer Services

Price Chopper is a well-known grocery store in the region. They recently conducted a survey to gauge customer satisfaction. These results show that Price Chopper customers are satisfied with the customer service they receive.

Customers were asked to rate how satisfied they felt with the following aspects: Was it easy to find what you needed? How knowledgeable was the customer support representative? How fast was my request answered? Would you recommend our store?

Customers gave each question a rating of 4.5/5. This shows that customers were satisfied with the customer service they received. Customers rate Price Chopper’s customer service as the best. This includes ratings of 4.8 on prices and 4.4 on selection.

Price Chopper’s ability to make it easy for customers find the right product is one reason why they are so satisfied. They have knowledgeable representatives who can answer any questions and expedite the fulfillment of requests. Price Chopper also responds quickly to customer requests, which makes them happy and encourages customers.

Satisfaction with Quality Food

Price Chopper is an American grocery chain that has over 1,500 locations in the United States. Price Chopper conducted a survey to gauge customer satisfaction regarding food quality in late 2016. Customers were asked about their experiences with five foods: side salad, breakfast burritos, chicken sandwiches, pizza, and cookies. These are the results.

The chicken sandwich was rated 4.7 stars and was the most popular food item. With 4.3 stars, the side salad was second and the breakfast burrito third. The pizza received a rating of 3.9 stars, while the cookies received a rating of 3.4 stars.

Grocery Shopping Experience: Satisfaction Guarantee

According to a survey of customers released today, Price Chopper customers are generally happy with their grocery shopping experience. According to the Price Chopper survey, 92% of shoppers were satisfied or very satisfied with their grocery shopping experience. The average Price Chopper customer rating was 4.4.

Joseph P. Magnacca, Price Chopper President and CEO, said that “we are proud of our customers being satisfied with their experiences at Price Chopper.” “Our employees are dedicated to providing exceptional shopping experiences, and we are grateful to their feedback.”

A survey found that 78% would recommend Price Chopper as a friend and 91% would return. The reasons for satisfaction included good prices (64%), friendly associates (61%), convenient parking (51%).

This survey was done among Price Chopper customers who had visited the store within the last three months.

Satisfaction With Selection

Customers who shop at Price Chopper are happy with the variety of groceries that they can buy. 86% of Price Chopper customers are satisfied with the selection of groceries they can purchase. This satisfaction rate is higher than any other category that Price Chopper has surveyed.

Customers of Price Chopper also feel satisfied with the quality of the grocery items they can buy at the store. 89% of Price Chopper customers are satisfied with the quality and variety of groceries they can purchase. This satisfaction rate is higher than any other category that Price Chopper has surveyed.

Customers who shop at Price Chopper are not only satisfied with the selection and quality of their groceries but also love how easy it makes it to find what they need. 84% of customers agree that it is easy to find what they need in Price Chopper’s grocery section. This satisfaction rate is higher than any other category that Price Chopper surveyed.

Price Chopper customers generally are satisfied with the shopping experience and would recommend the store to others. 89% of customers believe Price Chopper is the best supermarket to shop in.

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Price Chopper, a privately owned grocery store, carries dairy products, frozen foods and general groceries in Albany New York. It has been in existence since 1932, when it was founded by Ben Golub and Bill Golub. Its roots are located in the Capital District. Although there was only one Price Chopper in New York’s Capital Region, the store has grown to more than 55 locations nationwide.

We also want to take this opportunity and apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that may have occurred during your visit today. We are grateful that you took the time to complete this survey. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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