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What is the Panda Express Restaurant?

Panda Express is a Chinese fast-food restaurant chain. Panda Express has over 1,800 locations worldwide. Doctor Peter Woo founded Panda Express in 1978 in San Francisco, California. It was the second restaurant that Doctor Woo opened, called Panda Woo’s World of Chinese Cuisine.

In 1981, he opened what would become the world-famous “Panda Inn” location in Walnut Creek, north of San Francisco. In 1988, his son, Alan Woo, would take over operations of the restaurant and rename it Panda Express in 1990.

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Steps to Complete Panda Express Survey Online


To Submit the Panda Express Customer satisfaction survey at PandaExpress.Com/Feedback Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Keep your purchase receipt with you and visit the official Panda Express survey site PandaExpress.Com/Feedback to start the survey.

Step 2: Select your preferred language and proceed further.

Step 3: Read every rule and regulation carefully, you can also take a brief look at the article below to learn about the rules of the survey.

Step 4: Enter the Purchase code given in your PandaExpress.Com/Feedback purchase receipt.

Step 5: Answer all the questions honestly and proceed further to submit.

Step 6: Once the survey was done, submit your survey to get a chance to win $1000 in Panda Express Rewards.

Take PandaExpress.Com/Feedback survey By phone.

If you’ve ever eaten at a Panda Express, you know that the food is prepared fresh as it’s ordered. They also have a survey available online that allows customers to give feedback. Participating in the survey will not only provide customers with accurate information but also help Panda Express decide which menu items to add or remove in the future.

Take PandaExpress.Com/Feedback survey By Online

The Panda Express Survey is a great way to get feedback on what you want with your restaurant. It offers different choices for feedback, ranging from food, service, and decor. Not only can it be completed online, but it’s also available in Spanish as well.

Rules for Panda Express Survey

Rules for the Panda Express Survey included that no one can place an order for more than six entrées and no one can share their survey answers. Some rules also prohibited individuals from having a coupon or from giving away a prize in exchange for completing the survey. The rules were not uncommon at other fast-food chains, so it was expected that many people would follow them.

Requirements for Panda Express Survey

The requirements for this survey are as follows:
-What type of location would you like to work in?

Panda Express Survey Code

This survey is to see how well you know the Panda Express menu and what your favorite items are.

Panda Express Free Entry Code

The Panda Express has a free entry code that’s not advertised anywhere. To get the free entry code, you can enter R and S in a text conversation with one of their representatives on social media.

PandaExpress.Com/Feedback Survey Reward

To celebrate the company’s 60th birthday, Panda Express is offering a survey to customers to give feedback on their favorite dishes. Those who take the survey will receive a $15 gift card with each completed survey.

Panda Express Contact Details

Panda Express Survey Phone Number: 1-800-877-8988 or 626-799-9898.


Some of the reasons why people enjoy going to Panda Express include the great service, excellent food, and its close proximity.

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Q1 What is the Panda Express?

The Panda Express is a restaurant chain that serves American-Chinese food. The first outlet of the company was founded in 1983 in Orange County, California. There are now more than 2,600 locations worldwide, making it the largest Chinese restaurant chain in North America.

Q2 What is Panda Express Survey

Panda Express is a popular Asian cuisine chain with over 1,500 restaurants in 44 states and the District of Columbia. With so many locations, it can be difficult to market each restaurant independently.

This article discusses that issue and how Panda Express is trying to solve it by conducting an online survey.

Q3 What is Survey

Panda Express is running a survey on their website to find out what is the perfect size bowl for you. They also have a page dedicated to how much food you can eat in one sitting.

Q4 What is Panda Express Feedback

The Panda Express survey asked questions about the customer experience with the restaurant. The questions asked included the quality of service, how well the restaurant accommodates special dietary needs, and whether they feel they get value for their money. They also asked questions on how satisfied they are with the current menu, what topics in particular matter to them, and how often they go to Panda Express.

Q5 What are the benefits of Panda Express?

Panda Express is a fast-food chain that specializes in Chinese food. They have many popular dishes, such as the crispy honey walnut shrimp and orange chicken. In addition to their food, Panda Express offers many benefits. For example, they are available for dine-in and carry a large selection of vegetarian options.

Q6 Why do you visit the Panda Express?

The Panda Express is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of Chinese food dishes. The restaurant’s specialty is chicken and shrimp fried rice served with vegetables. The restaurant also has other options like orange chicken, quick-fried noodles, and vegetable lo mein. It is a popular chain that can be found at many locations in the United States.

Q7 How does the quality of food at a Panda Express compare with other restaurants?

The quality of food at a Panda Express restaurant is comparable to that of other restaurants. Some items are high quality and others are not, but overall the food is good.

Q8 How To Contact

Panda Express is a restaurant chain that specializes in Asian cuisine. Andrew Cherng and Richard Huang, who had both worked at the Panda Inn in Pasadena, California, founded the company. Now they have more than 1,500 restaurants in North America and China. Their website includes contact information including phone numbers and email addresses for all Panda Express locations.

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