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Costa Vida Survey: Costa Vida is a Mexican restaurant with a number of locations in the United States. This restaurant is always giving out free food to customers who participate in their Costa Vida survey.

However, it’s not easy to get your hands on these Costa Vida survey rewards. That’s why you should take this Costa Vida survey and let them know what you think about the restaurant after taking a few minutes to fill out their Customer survey.

Costa Vida Restaurant Survey

The Costa Vida Restaurant Survey is a restaurant survey designed to get the inside scoop on what people are saying about your company’s food. In order to conduct a survey, your company must have an official website with a live online chat option.

Once you’ve had an employee reach out to their friends and family (potential customers), they’ll receive a Costa Vida card that allows them to start earning reward points.

Every time they visit your establishment, they’ll be able to earn more points by completing tasks like filling out surveys or recommending friends and family.

How do I take the CostaVida Customer Survey?

Costavida survey

“How to take the CostaVida customer survey” is a blog post that explains how to complete the CostaVida customer survey. As CostaVida is updating their customer surveys, they have created this guide to help customers who are new to the process.

You can follow the below steps to submit the Costavida Survey:

Step 1: You need to first visit the official website,
Step 2: Select your language and enter the Costa Vida survey code from the purchase receipt.
Step 3: Fill in the information asked, and proceed with the Costa Vida Customer survey.
Step 4: Give all the Costa Vida Survey answers honestly and check out once done.

Once the Costavida survey is submitted, you will receive an email.

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Q1: What is

Costavida is a free website where you can answer survey questions and win prizes such as trips, gift cards, or even a new car. To take the survey, simply log on to and answer the questions about your favorite Mexican foods or Costa Vida restaurants.

Q2: How do I enter the Costa Vida Survey?

Costa Vida has a variety of amazing rewards to give out to those who take their time to answer the surveys. The survey is different every day and features questions about your dining experience at Costa Vida. It’s quick, easy, and completely anonymous, so you have nothing to worry about.

Q3: What are the rewards for winning a reward on

There are a few different Costa Vida Restaurant Survey rewards. The “I’ll Be Back” reward offers a free entree with the purchase of an entree. The “Costa Vida in Your Home” prize offers a full day of restaurant food delivered to your home, as well as a $100 gift card to spend at Costa Vida.

Q4: What is the Costa Vida Customer Survey?

Costa Vida offers a unique rewards program, that allows consumers to earn points when they visit Costa Vida restaurants. For every dollar spent, Costa Vida customers get 100 points. When a customer accumulates 10,000 points in just one survey period, the customer receives a $10 Amazon gift card.

Q5: How to Win Costa Vida Survey Rewards?

Costa Vida Rewards is an online website that allows members to gain restaurant rewards by completing surveys.

There are various ways to enter the competition, but there are also very specific requirements for each method.

Costa Vida Customer Service

  • Customer Service Number for Costa Vida:
  • (801) 797-2374
  • Corporate Office for Costa Vida:
  • 3451 N Triumph Blvd., Suite 105
  • Lehi, UT 84043

Rules for Costa Vida Survey

Costavida survey

The rules for taking the Costa Vida restaurant survey are easy. You just need a smartphone, a Facebook account, and an email address.

The first step is to download the Costa Vida app, which can be found on Google Play or iTunes.

Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be asked for your email address and phone number so that you can sign up for their rewards program.

While it’s not necessary to make an account, if you do so, there are many more perks that you’ll be able to enjoy!

Requirements for Costa Vida Survey

To take the Costa Vida survey, you need to have a valid email address with an account or be on the property of a Costa Vida restaurant. After signing up for the survey and completing it, you will be notified via email whether you are one of Costa Vida’s lucky winners.

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