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ODEON is a popular movie theater chain that has locations across the United States. In order to gauge customer satisfaction, they conducted a customer satisfaction survey in late 2018. The results of the survey were released earlier this year and provide valuable insights into how ODEON customers feel about the chain’s services and products.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the key findings from the survey and discuss how they can help ODEON improve their customer experience.

Key Findings

ODEON’s customer satisfaction survey found that 97% of customers are satisfied with their movie-going experience at the theater.
Two interesting findings from the survey include that:

  • Customers are most satisfied with the overall value they receive for their ticket price.
  • Customers are also very satisfied with the quality of the movie they see.

These results are great news for ODEON, as it shows that its focus on providing a high-quality movie experience is paying off. The company can continue to rely on its loyal customer base to bring in new business, and it can use this data to improve its services even further.

How To Take The ODEON Customer Satisfaction Survey

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ODEON Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Finely, click on the “Start” button.

Customer Satisfaction with ODEON Cinema

ODEON cinemas are some of the most popular places to go in the UK and have a large customer base that is happy with their experience. In order to measure customer satisfaction with ODEON cinemas, they conducted a customer satisfaction survey in 2017. Out of the questions asked, respondents were most satisfied with the food options (76%), the seating options (74%), and the overall ambiance of the cinema (72%). They were least satisfied with the price of snacks and drinks (35%) and with how long it took to get their tickets (32%).

Overall, customer satisfaction with ODEON cinemas is high, especially when considering that they offer a wide variety of food and seating options, as well as an overall comfortable environment. It is important for theatres to keep up this level of service in order to retain customers and continue to grow their market share.

Customer Satisfaction with ODEON HomeScreen

ODEON’s HomeScreen is one of the most important features for customers, and it seems that most customers are quite happy with it. In the recent customer satisfaction survey, 78% of respondents rated the HomeScreen as either excellent or very good. This compares favorably to other aspects of ODEON’s customer service, such as providing a quick response time (81%) and providing accurate information (79%).

Overall, it seems that ODEON’s HomeScreen is a successful customer experience tool.

Customer Satisfaction with ODEON Ticketing

ODEON’s focus on customer satisfaction is clear, evident in their quarterly survey results. In the most recent survey, customers were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with six different areas of ODEON ticketing: online purchasing, ticket delivery, seat selection, customer service, using the mobile app, and overall experience.

The results show that customers are happy with all six areas of their experience with ODEON ticketing. Online purchasing received the highest satisfaction rating with 97% of customers rating it as either very satisfied or satisfactorily satisfied. This is followed by delivery (94%) and seat selection (93%), both of which received high marks from customers. Customer service (89%) and using the mobile app (87%) also received positive feedback from respondents. Only overall experience received a lower rating – only 77% of customers rated it as either very satisfied or satisfactorily satisfied – but this was still higher than the ratings for any other area of the ticketing process.

This demonstrates that ODEON is providing an excellent customer experience across all aspects of their ticketing process. It also underscores the importance of effective customer communication and marketing efforts – especially when it comes to making online purchases and delivering tickets in

Customer Satisfaction with ODEON Food and Drink

ODEON food and drink customers are generally satisfied with their experience, according to a recent customer satisfaction survey. Ninety-one percent of respondents said they were either very or somewhat satisfied with the food and drink offered by ODEON, while 83 percent said they were either very or somewhat satisfied with the level of service they received. Additionally, 79 percent of customers said they would definitely or probably recommend ODEON to others.

These results underscore the importance of providing excellent food and drink at a fair price, and ensuring that customers receive quality service in return. ODEON’s commitment to excellence is evident in everything from its menu items to its staff members. Thanks to its loyal customers, ODEON is well on its way to becoming one of the UK’s leading food and drink brands.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our customer satisfaction survey. Your input is valuable to us and helps us continue delivering an excellent movie-going experience. As a thank you, we’ve included a $10 Amazon gift card as well as a free one-month subscription to ODEON Movies Unlimited.

We hope you have had a chance to fill out the survey and that your overall experience with ODEON was positive. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #ODEONsurvey so that we can better understand what you think about our service.

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