Volvo Bus Price List in India | Latest Price List 2021

Volvo Buses Latest Price List in India 2021

Volvo is one of the top brands in the automobile market who produces luxury cars and buses. Volvo is also known for its engine capacity and power features.

Volvo is a big foreign company, it is also known as Volvo Bussar AB. The company starts its processing in the year 1968.

Volvo Buses come with the proper driver and passengers security features.

Volvo buses are majorly Own by the Hotels and the Tourism companies because it supports their 5 STAR Luxury.

Here is the price list of Latest Volvo Bus models with their model name and pictures.


Model Image Price *
Volvo Hybrid City Bus Volvo Hybrid City Bus
90 Lakh*
Volvo 9400 Volvo 9400 85.2 Lakh*
Volvo 8400 City Bus Volvo 8400 City Bus
71.8 Lakh *


You can also check this list of all Volvo Buses with price, if you are looking to buy any Volvo buses, you can drop your query for current Volvo bus price.

This list will also guide you with the correct model which suits your budget.

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