Top 7 Tractors in India | Best Tractor List 2021

Tractors are the machinery which is crucially involved in the framing for producing the crops.

India is the largest farming producer of many crops and spices, it is the best land for agriculture and farming.
Over 50% of total India’s population is still dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Read this post which tells you the latest Massey Ferguson tractors price in India.

Tractors are the full-time friend for a farmer which helps a farmer in every activity of farming.

India is the fastest-growing tractors market compared to other countries, tractors machinery sold in India is increasing day by day very effectively.

After all, there are lots of tractor manufacturing companies that have established their huge tractors industries in India on the basis of this growing sector, they have also profited a lot after they started.

These manufacturers offer lots of functions and benefits with these tractors according to their budget, these are available with lots of price options which a farmer must suit before purchasing a tractor.

If you are also thinking of purchasing any tractors from the market you need to check the below list of top 7 tractors in India according to their features.

Mahindra and Mahindra

Year Established : 1964
Official Website :
Price Range : From 2,499,999 to 12,49,000

Mahindra is top in the queue when we talk about the tractors in India, it is also the world’s leading tractors manufacturer who serves its customers in many countries in the world.

Indian farmers have a true faith in this brand because of its services offered to the customers, not even the services these tractors are well known because of its performance and the advanced technology used in them.

Mahindra manufacturers tractors according to the indian farming needs, these tractors come in the range of 15 HP to 75 HP.

TAFE Tractors

Year Established : 1960
Official Website :
Price Range : From 4,20,000 to 13,49,000

Tafe tractors are famous because of the quality and durability of their machineries, Tafe is the second highest selling tractors in India and also comes in the top 5 tractors selling companies in the world.

Tafe collaborated with Massey Ferguson which is also the leading tractor manufacturer, to serve their customers with better results. Later Tafe has taken over one more tractor company named Eicher which is also the best decision proven for this company.

Both Eicher and Massey Ferguson manufacture tractors in the range of 18-55 HP and 28-75 HP.

Sonalika Tractors

Year Established : 1969
Official Website :
Price Range : 3,20,000 to 12,50,000

Sonalika Heavy Duty Tractors are the most selling tractors in India with the range of 20 HP to 90 HP. This company serves more than 90 countries around the world and has built a strong faith in the hearts of farmers.

The tractors this company manufactures are fully advanced and highly durable with an affordable range of price. The company has solved the problems of more than 9,00,000 farmers in the world with its top class tractors.

The tractor designers made these tractors more stylish and comfortable for the farmers so that anyone can adopt these tractors with no issues.

Swaraj Tractors

Year Established : 1972
Official Website :
Price Range : From 4,00,000 to 11,00,000

Swaraj, as the name suggests this is purely an Indian brand which supports and works for Indian farmers and their welfare. Swaraj Tractors is an initiative of Indian in punjab.
It is the leading manufacturer of farm equipment and tractors in india.

Punjab Tractors Limited is the original initiative later it was taken over by the great Mahindra group and named the Swaraj Division, this tractor manufacturer produces the tractors in the range of 15 to 60 HP(Horse Power).

These are the safest tractors for farmers with the latest farm technology, the company sells more than 50,000 Tractor units every year and has more than 10,00,000 fully satisfied customers in the country.

John degree Tractors

Year Established : 1837
Official Website :
Price Range : From 5,00,000 to 25,00,000

John Degree is the leading company of the USA who sells farm equipment products and related products in the USA, it later comes in Indian market with the top technology tractors which ultimately hit the market.

Indian farmers need such technology at their farms to increase their productivity level, and make their earning more effective with the use of these high performance machines.

The company sells the tractors in the range of 35 HP to 120 HP(Horse Power), the sales limit this company hit every year is more than 8,00,000 units which is seriously a tough competition for leading manufacturers in India.

Escorts Tractors

Year Established : 1960
Official Website :
Price Range : 3,50,000 to 10,60,000

Escorts Tractors Manufacturers is also the top selling tractor in India, with the support of its three leading manufacturing industries like Farmtrac, Powertrac, and Digitrac this multi brand company covers the biggest part of India’s market.

Escorts group manufacturers the tractors within its three sub Companies.
The tractors under these brands come with the range of 25 HP to 80 HP(Horse Power).

Powertrac is globally known for its powerful tractor engines, whereas the Farmtrac and Digitrac are known for the Technology and equipment durability.

After its establishment in 1960 the company till now has satisfied more than 13,00,000 farmers across the nation.

Kubota Tractors

Year Established : 1890
Official Website :
Price Range : From 3,80,000 to 12,20,000

Kubota Industries is the leading manufacturer of heavy farm equipment and Tractors from Japan. In India this company started its operation in 2008, from that the company is trying very well and also satisfied the number of Indian farmers with the advanced features involved in their tractors.

This company adopts the Japan technology which is top in the world for producing its equipment which ultimately helps the Indian farmers to grow more what they generally do.

The maintenance and service cost involved with these high durable machines is very less. The tractors under this brand come in the range of 20 HP to 55 HP(Horse Power).

We all know that these all companies listed above have proven their machines very powerful and effective for the farmers, but for making the effective decision for purchasing the tractor you must see the above article and list down the features you need and the farming condition at your locations and check the tractor which satisfy your all needs.

Best Tractor Companies in India

Farming is the crucial need of every country for their survival, in India by the god grace the farming conditions are much better than any other country.

Indians are always proud for their farming conditions, farming in India is like the GDP of India. Because still the 50% of Indian are dependent on farming and agriculture.

But as we all know when there is increment in farming the need for agricultural machinery also increases, India is the biggest market for every businessman who wants to manufacture the tractors and other farming equipment in India.

More than 20 big industries has settled in India and are producing profit at a very high level by selling their farming equipment.

Not in India but these indian industries also export in other countries as well, they support the farmers at every corner of the world.

Now these companies are trying to adopt the latest technologies and the best quality equipment in their tractors, for supporting the farmers and helping them in increasing their general production.

But if you are also a farmer and need a perfect machine for your farm, or a machine which can do all farming activities easily. You can approach this below list of the best 5 tractor manufacturing companies and check these latest tractors which can match your farm conditions and help you to increase your farm production.

Here in this article you will see the Best Tractor Companies in India.

Mahindra and Mahindra

Here are some of the popular Mahindra Tractors in India.

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 (15 HP)
Mahindra tractor 255 Power Plus (25 HP)
Mahindra 265 DI Power Plus(35 HP)
Mahindra 575 DI (45 HP)
Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 Di-i (57 HP)

Mahindra Tractors in India is the biggest ever Indian Tractor manufacturers, this is the first company in India who discovers the Indian farming technology for the farmers of India.

Mahindra is the top in the list when we think about the tractors, not in India this multi-brand company has set the company growth in many other countries also.

Mahindra tractors are the highest selling tractor models in more than 50+ countries.

This agricultural equipment manufacturer has controlled the market with the latest and durable technology machines for reducing the farmers efforts in the world.

This company manufactures tractors for farmers in the 20-75 HP models with the affordable price ranges from 5 Lakh to 12 Lakh.

New Holland

Here are some of the popular New Holland Tractors in India.

New Holland 3510 Tractor (35 HP)
New Holland 4710 Tractor (47 HP)
New Holland 5500 Turbo Super (55 HP)
New Holland Excel 6010 (60 HP)
New Holland Excel 8010 (80 HP)

New Hold is the series manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment for the World.
New holland is an Italian company who serves its customers from the different manufacturing units in the world.

In India this company initiated its project in 1998, and now the company has secured more than 3,00,00 indian customers, which is a very big growth for them.

New Holland always tries to provide the best equipment and machines with the highest technology to its customers , the farmers are also happy with this brand of tractors.

New Holland produces the Tractors with horse power 35-90 in India and sells them in the price range of 5 Lakh to 15 Lakh.

TAFE (Tractor and Farm Equipment)

Here are some of the popular Tractor and Farm Equipment Tractors in India.
30 DI Orchard Plus 2WD (30 HP)
TAFE and MF 241 DI(41-45 HP)
5900 DI 2WD (56-60 HP)
8502 DI 4WD (81-85 HP)
1002 4WD (100 HP)

TAFE(Tractors and Farm Equipment ) Tractors company is the third most selling tractors in the World.
This is one of the biggest manufacturers and sellers of farm equipment and tractors in the market.
With the help of its two supporting brands Massey Ferguson and Eicher this multi-brand manufacturer works in more than 100 countries in the world, in India this company started its functioning in the 1960’s.
This was the first Indian Tractor Manufacturer company who won Frost & Sullivan Global Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018.
This massive industry has sold more than 1,50,000 tractors every year.
The tractors come under this brand with 30-75 horse power with the affordable price range of 4 Lakh to 13 Lakh.

Force(Balwan Tractors LTD.)

Here are some of the popular Force Tractors in India.

Force Orchard Mini (27 HP)
Force Balwan 400 (40 HP)
Force Sanman 5000 (45 HP)
Force Balwan 500 (50 HP)

Force tractors manufacturers is the Indian Tractors company, force tractors are highly affordable and suitable for the farmers.

Force tractors in India pursued a very big growth from selling the tractors and other equipment in India.

Indian farmers are also supporting this brand because of its durability and low maintenance feature.

The autoparts of this brand are easily available at every market which means the service and repairing of these tractors is not a challenge for the farmers.

These 27-50 HP high performing tractors come with the multiple special features, these the most suitable tractors, which means it suits in every climatic conditions and will always stand with the farmers in the needy time.

Sonalika Tractors

Here are some of the popular Sonalika Tractors in India.

Sonalika MM 35 DI (35 HP)
Sonalika DI 42 Sikander (42 HP)
Sonalika MM 50 DI (52 HP)
Sonalika DI 60 Sikander (60 HP)
Sonalika Worldtrac 90 (90 HP)

Last but not the least Sonalika is also India’s biggest and World’s top Tractor and farm equipment producer which sold not less than 1,00,000 tractors every Year.

This global industry serves more than 100 countries in the world with its high class services and products to the farmers, till now this brand technology is not compatible with any other manufacturer.

This company not only works for company profits but also makes efforts for the farmers profits.

Here you will see the tractors with 20-90 Horsepower tractors in two distinct ranges of Mini tractors and Farm tractors, the price for which comes under 5 Lakh & 15 Lakh.


After reading this article completely you will definitely get the idea for making the accurate decision for purchasing your new tractors for your farm.

You will definitely select the correct tractor after calculating your budget and other factors, but don’t worry once you analyze your reports and requirements this article will help to purchase the correct tractor for your farm.

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