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In order to improve the customer satisfaction of their restaurant, Schlotzsky’s is conducting a guest satisfaction survey. If you have visited Schlotzsky’s in the past 6 months and had a positive experience, please take the survey now. Thank you for your time!

What is the Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is a survey that we ask our guests at the end of their meal. Our goal is to understand how our guests feel about their visit, and to use this information to improve our service.
Here are some questions from the latest survey.
Do you feel that your meal was worth the price?

Yes, I felt that it was worth the price.

No, I didn’t feel that it was worth the price.

N/A, I don’t know.

Would you visit Schlotzsky’s again?

Yes, I would visit Schlotzsky’s again.

No, I would not visit Schlotzsky’s again.

N/A, I don’t know.

How to take the survey

Schlotzsky’s is a restaurant that’s been around for a few hundred years. They have a lot of celebrity fans, and they’ve been in the news recently because of some allegations against their management. Anyway, to get feedback from their guests, they put out a survey asking about things like how often they come, what dishes they order, and how satisfied they are with the experience.

Here’s how you can take it:

  • First, go to official Schlotzsky’s Survey website at
  • Now, enter survey Transaction ID or Check ID on your receipt.
Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Next, Choice the“Guest Satisfaction Survey” location such as:

  1. Country
  2. State
  3. City
  4. Store
Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

5. Then. Select the Date and Time experience.

Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Last, click On the “Next” page, you’ll see instructions on how to complete the survey.

Results of the Schlotzsky’s Survey

Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey was administered to all guests who dined at Schlotzsky’s from March 1-15th. The survey was designed to obtain feedback on how our guests perceive their dining experience and what could be improved.

Overall, the majority of guests felt that their dining experience at Schlotzsky’s was good. Only 10% of guests felt that their dining experience was poor and the remaining 90% felt that it was good. However, there were a few areas where improvement could be made. 89% of guests felt that their food was either excellent or very good, however only 76% of guests thought that the presentation of their food was excellent or very good. Additionally, only 60% of guests thought that the speed of service was excellent or very good and only 53% thought that the quality of service was excellent or very good.

Schlotzsky’s Reward App

Schlotzsky’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Download the Schlotzsky’s Reward mobile App:

Important Link

Schlotzskys Social Page:

Schlotzskys Customer Service Number

Schlotzsky’s Corporate Headquarters:

Address: 5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone Number: 404-255-3250

For guest relations, please contact: (800) 846-BUNS (2867).


Schlotzsky’s is one of my favorite restaurants, and I love that they take the time to survey their guests. In this article, we will be looking at the results of their most recent guest satisfaction survey and discussing some of the key findings. I think it’s important for restaurants to know how their guests are feeling so that they can continue to provide high-quality service and make sure that everyone who visits feels welcome. Thank you for reading!

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