Preet Tractors Price List in India | Latest Price List 2021

Preet Tractors Latest Price List in India

Preet Tractors are the highly demanding tractors in India, every farmer who has experienced the Preet machinery working efficiency they never go back for any other tractors. Read this post which tells you the latest Preet Tractors price in India.

They are the heavy capacity tractors that can handle any type of farm and increases farm productivity with the single use of these new technology tractors.

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If you are also thinking of buying the best tractors for your farming activities, don’t worry all your working will be easy once you read this latest price list completely.

Model Image Price
Preet 10049 4WD
Preet 10049 4WD
17.80-19.50 Lakh*
Preet 2549 Preet 2549
3.80-4.30 Lakh*
Preet 2549 4WD Preet 2549 4WD
4.30-4.60 Lakh*
Preet 3049 4WD Preet 3049 4WD
4.90-5.40 Lakh*
Preet 3549 4WD Preet 3549 4WD
5.60-6.10 Lakh*
Preet 3049 Preet 3049
4.60-4.90 Lakh*
Preet 3549 Preet 3549
5.00-5.45 Lakh*
Preet 4049 4WD Preet 4049 4WD
5.40-5.90 Lakh*
Preet 4049 Preet 4049
4.80-5.10 Lakh*
Preet 4549 CR – 4WD
Preet 4549 CR - 4WD
6.50-7.00 Lakh*
Preet 4549 Preet 4549 5.85 Lakh*
Preet 4549 4WD Preet 4549 4WD
7.20-7.70 Lakh*
Preet 955 Preet 955
6.52-6.92 Lakh*
Preet 955 4WD Preet 955 4WD
6.60-7.10 Lakh*
Preet 6049 NT – 4WD
8.70-9.20 Lakh*
Preet 6049 4WD
8.50-8.90 Lakh*
Preet 6049
7.25-7.60 Lakh*
Preet 6549
8.00-8.50 Lakh*
Preet 6549 4WD
9.50-10.20 Lakh*
Preet 7549
10.75-11.60 Lakh*
Preet 7549 – 4WD
11.10-11.90 Lakh*
Preet 8049
11.75-12.50 Lakh*
Preet 8049 4WD
13.10-13.90 Lakh*
Preet 9049 – 4WD
15.50-16.20 Lakh*
Preet 9049 AC – 4WD
20.20-22.10 Lakh*

Here we have listed all the Preet tractors price list with their images for reference, you will get a calculative idea once you get this content in your mind.

We are always with you, you can tell us all your queries regarding the purchase of the tractor and related. You can tell us via comment our expert team will definitely get back the best possible solution for your query.

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