Man Trucks Price List in India | Latest Price List 2021

MAN Trucks Latest Price List in India 2021

MAN motors are the biggest brand who was selling the defence trucks to India in the year 1958.

MAN is a Germany based company which gives many heavy commercial vehicles including the Trucks, Trippers, and other heavy vehicles.

It is a company who started its functioning in India with the Indian leading Trucks and Buses manufacturers Force motors later it is joined with its parent company for acquiring the Indian market.

MAN produces the perfect engines for Indian markets.

If you think about buying any High-performance trucks or trippers please go with this latest MAN trucks Price List.

It will not just update your knowledge, it will also change your buying prospect if you are not clear.


Model Image Price
Man CLA 40.300 EVO 4X2 Coming Soon
Man CLA 49.250 EVO 6X4 Coming Soon
Man CLA 40.250 EVO 4X2 Coming Soon
Man CLA 31.300 EVO 8X2 Coming Soon
Man CLA 49.300 EVO 6X4 Coming Soon
Man CLA 31.300 EVO 8X4 Coming Soon
Man CLA 25.300 EVO 6X4 Coming Soon
Man CLA 16.250 EVO 4X2 Coming Soon
Man CLA 25.250 EVO 6X4 Coming Soon

So, we have provided this list for all Commercial buyers. Once they go throw with the list they can easily decide which model of this brand with suit their working and also their budget.

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