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There is no better method to begin this new year, than taking a look back at the accomplishments of 2017 and analyzing what did not go as planned? One business that has taken such a route is Friendly’s which is a fast food chain. In the most recently conducted customer Satisfaction Survey, Friendly’s asked customers to rate their experiences of the chain as a whole as well as specific aspects of their experience such as quality of food or service. Here are a few highlights of the study:

1.) The customers were completely happy with their food 98% of respondents of them were “very content” and 98% were “satisfied”. This was particularly true for customers who ordered items other than fries . 95% of those who ordered anything else were extremely or completely satisfied.

2.) Customers especially loved the menu options and the ease to modify their order.

3.) The level of satisfaction with service was extremely high, with 94 percent of customers were “satisfied” and “very satisfied” with the quality the service that they got.

How does Friendly’s customer Satisfaction Survey?

When you go to the restaurant, it’s crucial to be pleased with the dining experience. One method that restaurants can evaluate customer satisfaction is through a satisfaction survey. Friendly’s Restaurant has been conducting surveys on customer satisfaction since 1988. The surveys are easy and take around five hours to finish. They are also completely anonymous, so you are at ease to share your opinions without fear of reprisal.

The surveys are broken down in three sections: Food, Atmosphere, and Service. Each category contains 10 questions. Below is a breakdown the questions for each category:

Friendlyslistens Survey Information in a Short Time

Nam in the studyFriendly’s
Does it make sense to purchase?No
The Price of Friendly’s StudyFriendly’s Coupons
The eligibility of the Friendly’s SurveyAge as of 18/18+
Survey LanguageEnglish

How do you take the survey?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to improve the satisfaction of your customers then you must take the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Friendly. This survey can be found on the website of Friendly and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

  • First, Visit the official Friendly’s Ice Cream Guest Survey website at
  • Select the option for the language.
  • Now, enter the 14-digit code on the sales receipt.
Friendly’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Click to then the “Start” read button. Check out the screen for a short. The survey asks customers to share their experiences with Friendly’s beginning with their first visit to their most recent interactions. The data collected can be used to pinpoint areas in which Friendly’s can improve its customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

The importance of ensuring that customers are satisfied is essential for Friendly’s. The results of the survey will allow the company to focus on areas it could improve its service and make its customers content.

Complete satisfaction with the order Process

Overall, how pleased are you with your purchase procedure?
Very satisfied
Very Unsatisfied

Satisfaction with the Customer Service

In terms of the customer experience, Friendly’s high-quality customer service! As soon as you step into the store the staff is welcoming and welcoming. They will go the extra mile to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase.

The results of the survey were quite eye-opening. About two-thirds (65 percent) of the respondents stated that they were extremely pleased with the level of service they received from Friendly’s. This is impressive considering that it was a survey that respondents themselves reported as being satisfied.

It appears that Friendly’s takes great pride in offering outstanding customer service. It definitely pays off: Nearly 50% of those who responded (46 percent) indicated that they would visit Friendly’s due to the excellent client service that they experienced.

Survey Results from the Friendly’s Survey

In order to determine the level of satisfaction among customers at the chain of restaurants called Friendly’s, an online survey was conducted of diners who had eaten at a Friendly’s establishment during the past month. These results from the survey are posted within the section of the blogs below.

In the end 71 percent of customers were happy with their experiences at a Friendly’s restaurant. The satisfaction level is lower than the satisfaction rate of 76% that was recorded for all restaurants within the company, however it puts Friendly’s in excellent company. The most popular reasons to be satisfied were they were satisfied with the quality of food (65%), that it was prepared efficiently (65 percent) The cost was reasonable (60 60%) and that the staff were polite and pleasant (55 percent). These are all factors that contribute to the satisfaction of customers.

There were a few areas that guests thought they could benefit from improvement were that greater attention should be given to hygiene (31 percent) and that the staff could spend more time on making sure that dishes are correctly garnished (29 percent) and that there could be more promotions available (27 percent). While these findings might not be too alarming but they suggest there’s an opportunity for improvement in areas that could make customers more content.

The Overall Friendly Customer Satisfaction Study

Overall customer satisfaction at Friendly’s is very high as shown by the rating of 4.3 out five ratings on Yelp. Customers are extremely satisfied with the friendly service of the restaurant as well as the quality of the food. The most common comments are that the food at Friendly’s is excellent and that the staff is extremely welcoming. One review also says that Friendly’s is one of the most “warm and warm” restaurant.

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We appreciate you taking time to fill out this survey. Your opinion is very important to us and we value your opinions and views. We hope you find this survey useful and provided you with more insight into how we view our customers. If you have any questions, or if there is something you believe needs to be clarified, or you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach us at [email addressat [email address]. Thank you for participating in this poll, and we hope to hear about your thoughts soon!

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