Are you looking for ACE DI-550 NG 4WD price, specification and review, then you are at the right place. As at TractorsArena, our team has reviewed ACE DI-550 NG 4WD and list out all its details and specification for you.

About ACE DI-550 NG 4WD Tractor

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD is manufactured by the company ACE, it is 50 HP tractor with 4 cylinder and comes with DRY DISC BREAKS / OIL IMMERSED BREAKS (OPTIONAL) system. You can check more specification of ACE DI-550 NG 4WD from the below table.

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD Engine Details

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD is a 50 HP tractor which comes with 4 cylinder with engine capacity of 3168 CC and it’s engine rated RPM is 2300. For filtration, ACE has used DRY AIR CLEANER air filter system and WATER COOLED cooling system.

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD Transmission Details

Now we will discuss about DI-550+ ACE tractor transmission system. The transmission type of ACE DI-550 NG 4WD is , which is really good. The clutch system of DI-550+ is DRY TYPE SINGLE / DUAL(OPTIONAL) and it has 8 FORWARD + 2 REVERSE gear system with forward speed of 35.5 kmph reverse speed of 12.5 kmph. The ACE has used 88AH-12V battery and 12V-35 alternator.

This model DI-550+ of ACE comes with DRY DISC BREAKS / OIL IMMERSED BREAKS (OPTIONAL) with 3450 MM turning radius with brakes. The ACE DI-550 NG 4WD has MANUAL / POWER STEERING (OPTIONAL) steering and it’s steering column is SINGLE DROP ARM.

For any tractor, power take off method is very important, the ACE DI-550 NG 4WD PTO type is 6 SPLINE / 10 SPLINE, PTO RPM is 540 / 1000 and power for PTO. By considering these power take of specification of DI-550+, you can attach implements. The hydraulic lifting capacity of ACE DI-550 NG 4WD is1200 / 1800 (OPTIONAL) with DRAFT , POSITON AND RESPONSE CONTROL LINKS 3 point Linkage.

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD Dimension & Weight

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD has fuel tank capacity of 57 litre and it’s total body weight is 2045 KG with overall length of 3795 MM and width of 1830 MM. The wheel base of DI-550+ is 2000 MM with 440 MM ground clearance. The ACE DI-550 NG 4WD is 4 WD tractor with front tyre size is 6.00X16 / 7.50X16 (OPTIONAL) and rear tyre size is 14.9X28.

ACE DI-550 NG 4WD Price and Warranty

The ACE DI-550 NG 4WD tractor comes with TOOLS, TOPLINK in accessories and it comes with warranty. You must ask ACE dealer for what parts is covered in DI-550+ warranty, before buying. The ACE DI-550 NG 4WD tractor price is 6.35 Lac* approx. For current price of ACE DI-550 NG 4WD, please fill our Get Price form.

So this is all about ACE DI-550 NG 4WD, if you have any query regarding this ACE tractor. Feel free to contact us.


Horse Power(HP) 50 HP
No. Of Cylinder 4
Capacity CC 3168 CC
Engine Rated RPM 2300
Gear Box 8 Forward
Brakes Dry Disk Brakes / Oil Immersed Brakes (optional)
Lifting Capacity 1200 / 1800 (OPTIONAL)


Company ACE
Model DI-550+
No. Of Cylinder 4
Engine Max Power (HP) 50 HP
Engine Displacement (cc) 3168 CC
Engine Max Power RPM 2300
Cooling System Water Cooled
Battery 88AH-12V
Alternator 12V-35
Forward Speed 35.5 kmph
Reverse Speed 12.5 kmph
Gear Box
Forward Gear 8 Forward
Rear Gear 2 Rear
Brakes Type Dry Disk Brakes / Oil Immersed Brakes (optional)
Turning Radius With Brakes 3450 MM
Steering Type Manual / Power Steering (Optional)
Steering Column Single Drop Arm
Power Take Off
PTO RPM 540 / 1000
Fuel Capacity (l): 57 litre
Dimensions and Weight
Weight (kg) 2045 KG
Total Length (MM) 3795 MM
Total Width (MM) 1830 MM
Ground Clearance (mm) 440 MM
Wheelbase (MM) 2000 MM
Hydraulics Lifting Capacity 1200 / 1800 (OPTIONAL)
3 point Linkage Draft , Positon AND Response Control Links
Wheel And Tyres
Wheel drive 2 WD
Front Wheel 6.00X16 / 7.50X16 (OPTIONAL)
Rear Wheel 14.9X28
Accessories TOOLS, TOPLINK